Who am I?

Madison Paige Locklear.

Most people, most of my life have called me Madison.
Cocklear was a running joke for some of high school…I haven’t heard that one in a while.
Maddie caught on sometime in college.
My favorite is my moms nickname for me. She calls me Maddie Paige or Maddie P (but I think she spells it with a y).

Sometimes I’m called loud, overdramatic, sensitive, weird, adaptable, “out there”, random, bossy, animated, clever, creative and opinionated. None of which I will deny.

When I talk politics I’m a “hippie”, “treehugger”, “socialist” or “libtard”.
Libtard. I still can’t believe people created and use a derogatory word to describe someone whose views don’t align with theirs but thats a story for a different day.

I grew up on the west coast of Florida in a dinky little town called New Port Richey. The town is trash but I owe it eternal gratitude. Thats where my childhood home is. Its where I learned to ride a bike. It’s where I built a relationship with God. Where I graduated high school. I made lifelong friendships in that place that time and distance has yet to break. But most importantly living in that dinky little town for 17 years is what made me so curious about the rest of the world. It’s what motivated me to leave for college.

Now I live in orlando, a city that is far from dinky or little. I attend the University of Central Florida with a whopping 65,000 other students which is almost five times more people than the whole town of New Port Richey. I plan to (eventually) graduate with a degree in environmental science and then see where life takes me from there.